Invited Speakers:

Moritz Diehl (Heidelberg), Adjoint Methods for Fast Optimal Control with Inequality Constraints

Krzysztof C. Kiwiel (Warsaw), Bundle methods with approximate subgradient linearizations

Friedemann Leibfritz (Trier), Theory and Application of Nonlinear Semidefinite Programming

Stanisław Migórski (Kraków),  Modeling, Analysis and Optimal Control of Systems Described by Hemivariational Inequalities

Andrzej Nowakowski (Łódź), Sufficient Optimality Conditions for Multidimensional Control Problems

Nikolai Osmolovskii (Warsaw), Second Order Optimality Conditions for a Control with Continuous and Bang-Bang Components (with H. Maurer)

Stefan Volkwein (Graz),  Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Surrogate Models for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Error Estimates and Suboptimal Control (with M. Hinze, D. Hoemberg, K. Kunisch, F. Leibfritz)

Andrea Walther (Dresden), Automatic Differentiation and Equality-Constrained Optimization


Walter Alt (Jena), Discretization of quadratic control problems governed by second order differential equations (with N. Braeutigam)

Dusan Bednarik (Hradec Kralowe), Using the Peano derivative in unconstrained optimization (with K. Pastor)

Ewa Bednarczuk (Warsaw), Sharp solutions to vector equilibria with application to stability

Andrzej Cegielski (Zielona Góra), A modification of the alternating projection method (with A. Rajzer)

Zdzisław Denkowski (Kraków)

Renata Dudek (Zielona Góra), An iterative method for solving linear feasibility problem

Robert Dylewski (Zielona Góra), Residual selection model for convex optimization problems

Valentin Gorokhovik (Minsk), Differentiability of multifunctions and optimal control problems for differential inclusions

Christian Grossmann (Dresden), Properties of Path-Following Penalty Methods Applied to Elliptic Control Problems

Armin Hoffmann (Ilmenau)

Ewgenij Huebner (Trier), A decomposition method for variational inequality

Holger Irrgang (Greifswald), Relations between Generalizations of Optimal Control Problems (with L. Bittner)

Christina Jager (Trier), A Hybrid Proximal Projection Algorithm for Solving Variational Inequalities - Numerical Considerations

Anna Jakubowicz (Biała Podlaska), P-factor method for solving degenerate unconditional optimization problem

Adam Korytowski (Kraków), Evolution of structure for direct control optimization (with M. Szymkat)

Andreas Kowarz (Dresden), Efficient calculation of sensitivities for optimization problems (with A. Walther)

Barbara Kukla (Legnica), Fuzzy goal programming - a new conception of deviations

Kazimierz Malanowski (Warsaw),

Anja Mauritz (Greifswald)

Antje Noack (Dresden)

Anna Ochal (Kraków), On some dynamic bilateral frictional contact problem in viscoelasticity

Karel Pastor (Olomouc), Second-order conditions in vector optimization (with D. Bednarik)

Sabine Pickenhain(Cottbus), Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems - Lebesque and Riemann improper Integrals (with V. Lykina)

Agnieszka Prusińska (Siedlce), On existence of the solution to degenerate nonlinear optimization problems (with A. Tret'yakov)

Agnieszka Rajzer (Zielona Góra), A modification of the alternating projection method (with A. Cegielski)

Werner H. Schmidt (Greifswald), Global robust controllability of the triangular integro-differential Volterra systems (with V. Korobov, S.S. Pavlichkov)

Julia Sternberg (Dresden), Control of Laser Surface Hardening by a Memory Efficient Approach of Second Order (with A. Griewank)

Łukasz Stettner (Warsaw), Remarks on approximations of partially observed control problems

Marcin Studniarski (Łódź)

Ewa Szczepanik (Siedlce), P-Factor methods for nonregular inequality-constrained optimization problems (with A. Tret'yakov)

Maciej Szymkat (Kraków), Evolution of structure for direct control optimization (with A. Korytowski)

Rainer Tichatschke (Trier), Bregman-function-based methods for variational inequalities - Case of non-paramonotone operators (with A. Kaplan)

Alexey Tret'yakov (Warsaw), P-factor conditions for optimality in extremal problems

Martin Weiser (Berlin), Interior point methods and parametric sensitivities in optimal control (with R. Griesse)